Australia’s biggest electromagnet meets demanding schedule with HYDAC

Australia’s biggest electromagnet meets demanding schedule with HYDAC

An Eriez Australia suspended electromagnet – the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere – keeps stringent ore production schedules with the help of HYDAC cooling.

The suspended electromagnet used on the mining site is a SE 145kW, highlights HYDAC National Development Manager for Cooling Systems Andrea Cimadoro.

“This means suspended electromagnet SE 145kW, and in this instance HYDAC is providing it with two ACAF 11 S for cooling purposes. This is truly a simplification of what’s going on, but it’s the gist of the matter,” Mr Cimadoro says.

“And what a feat to be working with the biggest electromagnet ever produced in Australasia, even the southern hemisphere, enhanced by the fact that Eriez electromagnets are designed to have higher magnetic fields in smaller footprints.”

Accelerated mining site ore production

Mr Cimadoro explains that the reason the electromagnet is the biggest of its kind is because it needs to have a sufficient magnetic field to meet heavy duty workloads as a result of the mining site’s ever increasing ore production quotas over the past decade.

“The work load centres on the electromagnet drawing forth tramp metal of all shapes and sizes from ever more speedily conveyed ore to enhance purity,” he says.

The removal of metal is not just for ore purity in that metal-induced effects can be hazardous to the conveyor belt, especially its transfer points, and downstream equipment such as pulverisers, grinders or mills and pumps.

HYDAC’s job

Mr Cimadoro explains the achievement of a high magnetic force cannot come about without use of a lubrication system.

“This is where HYDAC steps in: in a nutshell we condition the fluid, which entails filtering and cooling it. Without this intervention the electromagnet’s oil would get too hot, leading to increasingly poor magnetic field strength,” he says.

“Before the acceleration of ore production quotas electromagnets weren’t required to do such intense work and therefore they came in smaller sizes and without lubrication systems and consequent lower magnetic intensity – at times double or triple less that what is now required.”

It is here that Mr Cimadoro commends Eriez Australia – a “world authority on magnetic separation” – for the extent of its ability to serve the mining industry, among other industries such as aggregates, minerals processing and recycling – with correctly sized suspended electromagnets “that are superbly capable of doing their allotted tasks well and to schedule”.

“The range of the Eriez electromagnet in 23 magnet sizes, 69 standard modules and hundreds of special designs available for unique applications is in and of itself remarkable,” he says.

HYDAC keeps on top of electromagnet performance

Mr Cimadoro explains that every time ERIEZ produces a new electromagnet model HYDAC visits the premises to ensure “optimal” magnetic field strength.

“We go over with instrumentation from a thermal camera to an anemometer to conduct a FAT and are always at hand to do whatever’s necessary to ensure robust electromagnet field strength.” 

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