HYDAC makes quick work of complex pulp and paper industry

HYDAC makes quick work of complex pulp and paper industry

The pulp and paper industry is complex, with many different kinds of mills, products and processes. However, this has not stopped HYDAC Australia from infiltrating it with effective, sustainable, energy-efficient and at times customised systems and solutions at all levels to increase system availability, reduce system downtime and increase productivity.


Applications that HYDAC is involved in include woodyards, thermo-mechanical pulping methods, power plants and residual waste incineration, wastewater treatment; pulp, stock preparation, pulp machines; paper machines; filtration for oil and process applications; condition monitoring – visualisation, sensors, electronics, cooling; and system, service, and training.

The company provides hydraulic and lubrication systems for wet section, press section, size or film press, dry section, rewinder, reel cutter, and packing plants.

It treats freshwater, river water, used water; super clear filtrate; condensate; and coating colour.

Measurement sensor technology is used to monitor system pressure, oil level, temperature, water content, contamination level, flow rate and oil condition.

At hand it has accumulators for emergency operating functions, pulsation damping and emergency shut-off whereas oil service units are used for dewatering, pipe connections, hose and cable couplings, and mobile offline unit component mounting.

Accessories for the pulp and paper industry include ball valves and fluid level gauges and sensors, pipe connections, hose and cable couplings, component mounting, and bell housings and couplings.

In addition, HYDAC can help with installation, commissioning, service, and optimisation.



Wood, storage, debarking, chipping, defibration and fibres are the process steps required to produce chemical pulp, mechanical pulp and groundwood.

The aims here are efficient de-barking, uniform chip production and minimised wood loss.

Applications include chippers, drum de-barkers, screw conveyors, cutting units, distributor systems, hydraulics (lifting, pressure generation), and lubrication (bearings/gearboxes).

The drive unis of HYDAC OLF compact oil/air coolers execute simultaneous feed to and return from large chip piles.


Thermo-mechanical pulping method

The thermo-mechanical pulping (TMP) method centres on defibring wood chips by means of heat and pressure between the two rotating discs of a refiner.

During this process, chipped wood waste is steamed and then ground to individual fibres in refiners under steam pressure.

TMP is mainly used in place of cellulose or groundwood as a fresh-fibre replacement for print media paper.

In TMP HYDAC is involved in refiner hydraulic plate adjustment and hydraulic plate control as well as lubricating systems for gearbox and bearing, among other applications.


Power plants and residual waste incineration

The standard size for a refuse derived fuel power plant is 50–220MW, which means that most of them are industrial power plants.

These power plants are often set up as combined heat and power plants in connection with larger industrial enterprises, taking in process steam or local heat and/or providing refuse derived fuels.

An example of such an enterprise would be a paper factory, which requires large amounts of heat while producing reject paper as a refuse derived fuel.

At paper factories HYDAC provides in transformer protection, generators, steam turbines, gas/oil filtration, compressors, turbine/generator lubrication, gas turbine control and exhaust gas systems.

It is also involved in secondary functions/service/demand systems such as that of the automatic backflushing AutoFilt RF3 for cooler protection.


Wastewater treatment

Water is an indispensable tool in paper manufacture. Water is mainly used for sheet formation, but also for cleaning purposes and cooling.

To create one kilogram of fine paper, roughly 50 to 100L of water are required. Only remainder is return-circuit water.

One of HYDAC’s many products is a stainless-steel back-flushing filter used to treat pre-sedimented wastewater from the paper factory to make process water.

The filtrate is used for the spray pipes and as seal water for slide ring seals.

The filtration line increases recirculation and greatly reduces the factory’s amount of wastewater.


Pulp machine

High availability and low maintenance costs

HYDAC offers a wide product range of hydraulic filters, process filters and matching sensor systems to monitor fluid states and components for wet sections, press sections (shoe press), cutters and balers.

Filter stations include pressure sensors for hydraulic shoe presses.


Stock preparation

Consistent quality. Environmentally responsible.

The first step in manufacturing paper is preparing the stock, which involves defibring the wood. The preparation method that is chosen depends on the type of wood and on what the paper will eventually be used for.

Applications that HYDAC is geared to assist with include washing presses, high-pressure diffusers, hydraulics and lubrication hydro motors and screw presses.  

For further information on how HYDAC can assist the pulp and paper industry call 1300 449 322 or visit hydac.com.au.


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