Interactive display hallmark of virtual training room

Interactive display hallmark of virtual training room

HYDAC shifts gears and offers up a state-of-the-art virtual training room.

The disruption the work environment has experienced has necessitated more flexibility when it comes to learning, training and development of employees and students.

HYDAC Australia has shifted gears and met the times with innovative measures such as a virtual training room to enable employees and students to continue to learn in a new and adaptive environment.

The room lends itself to remote and blended learning, with interactive display and engagement playing a prominent role in this virtual environment.  

“The training room enables instructors and students to engage with each other and the learning material as well as other features that facilitate learning,” HYDAC Senior Marketing Specialist Eddie Alves says.

“When inside the training room students are directly in touch with detailed schematics, operational guides, and products. They can choose a product or component on the hydraulic power unit and access an exploded view on it as well as a list of subcomponents,” Mr Alves points out.

“They can also see videos related to the product or system, turn the machine on and off, and make cylinders expand and retract.”

Mr Alves highlights that in the training room photo-realistic items of systems and components can be disassembled, reassembled, and adjusted, among many more activities, with the student being at no risk whatsoever.  


Virtual training pathway

HYDAC’s virtual training pathway sees students commence with on-demand, basic training via virtual reality headsets. The basics of hydraulics are taught in a step-by-step manner at a pace comfortable to the learner.

Next, an instructor provides one-on-one training to students that spans the basics all the way through to advanced system troubleshooting.

The final phase sees technicians in the field having access to real-time assistance when required. Exploded views, schematics, guides, videos, and safety instructions travel with them as on-demand assistance.

“Here the headset camera allows a remote supervisor to oversee what a technician is doing and advise and instruct accordingly,” Mr Alves concludes.

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