Calibration Services

Why calibrate?

To begin with, inspection and calibration services for equipment used for measuring and testing is an essential Quality Assurance element. It is present in the standards series DINNING ISO 9000-9004. Indeed, calibration and inspection of measuring and test equipment should guarantee that all equipment measures accurately under controlled parameters.

In order to guarantee this, the calibration of test equipment must comply with the calibration process. This process has to be traceable to national measurement standards, and the results documented and certified. HYDAC provides equipment calibration services that adhere to strict Australian regulations, both in the way we carry out the processes and document the results. Contact us if your equipment is due to be recalibrated.

Our services

To ensure our calibration services continue to be of the highest quality and remain compliant with national standards, HYDAC employs a comprehensive calibration process that includes the following:

  • Check the unit external damage
  • Testing all functions of the unit
  • Testing the battery charge and checking the memory battery
  • Updating with the latest version of hardware and firmware
  • Also, calibration and verification
  • Plus, logging of all measurement results
  • Finally, preparation and provision of test certificates

If you'd like further information on our calibration services, feel free to email us at


  • What is hydraulic systems?

    Hydraulic system is an energy transmission system. In a hydraulic system, mechanical energy is transformed into hydraulic energy.

    The hydraulic energy is used for energy transport, for energy control or regulation and is then converted back into mechanical energy again. The conversion from mechanical into hydraulic energy takes place using a hydraulic pump; the conversion from hydraulic into mechanical energy takes place through hydraulic cylinders motors.

    What is hydraulic filtration?

    Hydraulic filtration is a mechanical separation procedure with the aim of separating a suspension into the components "solid matter" (contamination) and "fluids".

    What is hydraulic filter?

    Hydraulic filter is a product designed to reduce the solid and aqueous contamination in the fluid and contribute towards ensuring that systems can be operated both reliably and economically, with long availability and low maintenance costs.

    What is hydraulic filter element?

    Hydraulic filter element is a product buit into its respective housing in order to lower the contamination in the fluid to the desired value, and then to maintain and stabilize this level during the entire system operating time.

    What is hydraulic filter housing?

    Hydraulic filter housing is a container which holds the filter elements.

    In order to enhance the reliability of the whole hydraulic and lubrication system, filter housings are designed to have high fatigue strength.

    The hydraulic filter housings are flow-optimized to be able to achieve a low pressure drop and a compact, space saving design. They therefore make a significant contribution to the economy of the whole system.

    What is hydraulic filter clogging indicator?

    Hydraulic filter clogging indicator is a warning product designed to indicate visually and/or electrically when cleaning or changing the filter elements is necessary.

    The operational safety of a system and efficient utilisation of a filter element can only be guaranteed if clogging indicators are used.

    The filter clogging indicator will be different depending on the type of filter, vacuum, return line, or differential pressure clogging indicators.