KineSys DATA+ Edge Computing

The HYDAC Data+ edge computer is described as a flexible, expandable and customisable device designed for fast data processing and control at the edge. 

The Data+ edge computer has a software platform pre-installed so that no software is required to get it going. This also ensures that all of the software and functionality of is fully maintained within the Data+, and the data can be stored locally on an SD card.

In terms of communication, the data can be sent to a higher-level system via an Ethernet connection, utilising Modbus TCP, Profinet, TCP/IP, UDP/IP or OPC UA. Sensors are accommodated via IO-Link masters or other remote I/O modules via Modbus TCP, Profinet or CANopen.

For visualisation, a software framework is included that offers web visualisation capabilities, as well as a database (up to 128 GB) and database extensions to view, manage and control data effectively and easily. Node-Red provides the user with a graphical interface to manipulate data.

All parameters and sensors that are being monitored can have customisable alarm settings, which can be modified via the web visualisation HMI.

The device has an IP65 protection class and also offers a USB 2.0 port. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available as options. Operating temperature range is -20 to +85°C.

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